Pulmonary nodules can be located anywhere in the airway, adjacent to the airway, or deeper in the lung tissue with no airway path leading into them. Thus, many physicians prefer using image-guidance, such as LungPoint VBN (Virtual Bronchoscopic Navigation) and Archimedes, to find the best path to access and biopsy the nodules, regardless the size or location.

Important benefits for your physician:

  • Provides minimally invasive access to all lung nodules, whether inside or outside the airway
  • Provides real-time path navigation within the lungs for lung biopsy and other diagnostic/treatment procedures
  • Side-by-side navigation pairs real time and virtual images
  • Provides live images of navigation pathway throughout procedure
  • System accurately guides user to within 3mm of target
  • Streamlined patient care with diagnosis and potential treatment delivered in one procedure to reduce risks and the costs associated with multiple, and potentially risky procedures

Important benefits for the patient:

  • Minimally-invasive approach (reduced scarring and disfigurement)
  • Enables earlier diagnosis and treatment path
  • Potential for lower complication rates
  • Not contraindicated for electrical medical implants