Vessels Segmentation

  • Major blood vessel detection: LLPV, LUPV, RLPV and RUPV
  • Superior segmentation of vessels down to 1mm improves precision in procedure planning

Airway and Tunnel Paths

  • System automatically generates up to 2 airway paths and 2 tunnel paths for users to review
  • Virtual Doppler allows users to assess proximity of the vessels in the direction of penetration

Portable Laptop Computer

  • Pre-procedure planning workstation used to download CT scans and identify vessels, select and review pathways to targets
  • Allows for remote procedure planning and simulation at any time
  • Intuitive, user-friendly graphical interface simplifies workflow
  • Procedure plan can be exported to flash drive or networked computer and transferred to Archimedes System which pairs real-time and virtual images side-by-side throughout the procedure

Download the Archimedes® Brochure